How to remove toxic people from your life and build positive friendships

How do we surround ourselves with uplifting and positive people? Remember, if you want to become a happier person, then you should hang around those who are vibrating at a higher energy than you. Positivity from others is contagious! So, submerge yourself in their positivity and catch some of the good stuff! There are, however, a few difficult things you need to do before you can accept this as your reality. Say goodbye to those toxic people.

Remove the toxicity

If you are reading this then you are unlucky enough to have a toxic person in your life. What is a toxic person? This generally is a person who resists and tries to sabotage your growth and change. They may be very competitive, negative and potentially jealous of your successes in life. This may be hard to hear but we don’t have the ability to change or control people’s behaviour. The only person we have control over is ourselves. You are where you are because of the decisions that you have made. So, to remove these toxic individuals, you need to say no to toxicity in your life. If however, you decide to keep these people in your life, it is a potentially self-destructive thing to do. Although, if you decide you deserve better, you will get rid of them and begin to attract healthier relationships.

just say no.jpg
Say NO to negativity and toxic people.

What if you have known this toxic person for a very long time? Perhaps a family member? Can you even get rid of toxic family members? Of course! If they are causing you that much pain then I’d say yes. If this person lacks the will to change their negative and destructive behaviour, then you can say goodbye to it. So, how do you do it?

You can either tell them face-to-face or via a letter. Telling them directly is a very brave thing to do, however, your words may get twisted and the message may not come out how you wanted it to. So, another suggestion would be to send a letter or email. This way you have the time to sit and really think about what it is that you want them to understand. Be direct as well. Make it clear that you are removing them from your life and give the reasons why. Don’t argue, say what it is you need to say and leave it at that – avoid making a scene. A third option would be to slowly cut them out. So, perhaps take longer to reply to them and begin to ignore their messages until they get the hint. This will be a difficult period of your life but a necessary one. Once it is done, a dark cloud will feel as though it has lifted. Then you can begin to introduce positive people into your inner circle. You will be able to create a life with unlimited potential and have support from those who really care for you. These positive people will build you up, encourage you and celebrate your successes.

Be around positive people who celebrate your successes.

It is important to find people who will resonate at your energy level and higher. You need optimistic people who ooze with positivity. So how will you do this? Once the negative people are out of your now new and brighter life, you can begin to surround yourself with like-minded people. Firstly, take a breath and relax. Enjoy the solitude. Enjoy your life free of drama and chaos. There will be no more toxicity, so instead enjoy the new quietness. Learn who you are. What do you like? Are you at your fullest potential? Do you strive to become a better version of yourself? Take the time to really connect with your inner emotions and understand what you like. You may find that you are more confident now that this toxic individual is out of your life.

Once you have allowed this time of solitude and self-awareness, begin to visualise the new relationships you want in your life. Visualise the laughter and joy you will all share. The vulnerability you are able to share with them. This is key for any good relationship. Without vulnerability, you won’t connect with them at a deep level.

So, you want to find people who are like-minded. Go to clubs or social events that you know will be full of people with common interests. That’s a start. Socialise with them and give them a chance to expose their true colours. If these people resonate with you, engage in positive discussions and allow the healing to continue. You know what a toxic relationship is, so steer away from any negativity. You only want positive people in your life. You may even be able to meet like-minded people through a safe online platform. If you take this route, keep yourself safe. Never, ever expose your vulnerability to this person, unless you have also met up in real life in a safe environment multiple times. Be smart. However, if you are safe and careful, you could meet so many amazing people online.

Implement these ideas into your life and you should expect positive changes. Don’t rush these things and make sure you are confident in the decisions that you decide to take. The best of luck and don’t forget to smile 🙂

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