Top 10 Tips for creating healthy and positive lifestyle habits into your day

Creating positive and healthy lifestyle habits into our daily lives will only lead to a place of electrifying energic vibes, and, ultimately attracting things that you want. It makes sense that by thinking more positivity and doing the things that bring joy into your life, can only help manifest even more good changes. Through my research and my own experiences, I have compiled 10 top tips that will help you develop long-lasting positive habits. We all aim to become better versions of ourselves and these tips only aid you in this process. So let’s dig in!

1. Surround yourself with positive people

Energy is contagious! Ahh, run away! No wait, it’s a good kind of contagious! I promise. By surrounding yourself with people vibrating at a higher energy level you are bound to catch their positive perspective on life. By doing this, you will absorb some of their energy and your overall emotional state will change for the better. Think about it, remember a time when you were around people of a negative emotional state, how did that make you feel? Did you feel energetic and high on life? Absolutely not! Then think back to a time when you were around positive people who were optimistic about life. How did you feel? Pretty good right? So, it makes sense, if you want to have a more positive perspective on life, start hanging around people who are oozing with positivity. It really is contagious 🙂

Positive people.jpg
Surround yourself with positive people and enjoy the flow.

2. That body language has got to change

Smile a bit more. You want to feel happier, then smile. Even if it is a fake smile, research has shown that by smiling you trick your brain into releasing endorphins. These are neurotransmitters that make you feel great! – Simone Schnall and David Laird 2003. By changing our outer state we automatically change the inner state as well. The vast majority of messages we convey to people are coming from our body language. That is why we need to take a conscious effort with the way we present ourselves. So, what you should do is move your body in a way that is confident. This may at first feel fake however with time it will gradually become genuine confidence. Remember, by changing your outwards body language it alters your introspection.

3. Allow YOU time

I can’t stress the importance of this tip. At times, I very much want to just get going! However, I have slowly learned that this isn’t the best way to make progress. Allow yourself that lazy Sunday. Just allowing yourself to indulge in activities that lift your energy levels and not having to focus on work is truly life-changing. So unwind and keep your distance from the things/ people that cause stress in your life. It is perfectly normal to want alone time or to remove yourself from too many stimuli, especially social media. You should spend some time in nature, it will help to replenish and rejuvenate yourself. To sum it up, we need to all unplug ourselves from the world to allow us to reset. By resetting, we have more energy to then get going.

Take a stroll through the woodlands and allow yourself to unplug from the world.

4. Don’t part-take in drama

Talking negatively about other people and making judgements about them is low negative energy that, unfortunately, some humans enjoy. The media does a very good job at normalising this for us. Thus, it appears normal and ‘healthy’ to gossip about people. However, this activity will have toxic implications on your health and you don’t want your friendships to be based around gossiping about others. Try and distance yourself from these conversations or flip the conversation into a positive one. You will actually find those people who gossip also complain a lot and find misery quite comforting. If you want to create a healthy lifestyle, this is not the behaviour you should participate in. You want your activities to only increase your energy levels and feel positive about the world you are in.

5. Be inspired

Learning about other peoples successes in life is very inspirational. Research into inspirational stories and learn how these people went from nothing to success. Read lots. There are so many inspirational books out there. One of my favourites is the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Such an incredible story with an underlying message of living your dreams and following your destiny. Follow the journey of people you inspire to be and best of all never, ever lose hope. Even in the darkest moments there is always hope that will pull you out. Don’t stop believing in your dreams. Make them a reality. Get inspired.

top 3 inspirationl people
Be inspired by other people’s successes.

6. Be thankful for what you have

As humans, we tend to focus in on the negatives and struggle to acknowledge the positive aspects of our lives. Yes, it may be true your life is not what you want. However, compared to others you may actually have a lot. Do you have friends and families? Do you have a roof over your head? Can you afford to buy food? Do you have the ability to walk? Some people have none of these things and yet still find hope and show gratitude. Think about the things you have in your life and what it might be like if you didn’t. A lot of us focus on our fears and ignore what we have. Instead, try and focus your energy and efforts on solutions to these fears. The illusion of fear is your limitation to great success.

7. Eat a healthy diet

There is a huge amount of research out there to support the idea that the food you consume affects all aspects of your well-being. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are positively correlated with healthier bodies and minds. Don’t forget the importance of water. Try your best to steer away from soda’s and drink more liquids. You will also find that when you might feel as though your hungry, you are actually only thirsty. Be conscious of how much water you put into your body. Be conscious of what foods are good for your mind and body, then strive to consume more of those.

healthy food
Eat foods that are beneficial to your body and mind

8. Understand your emotions

Ignoring negative thoughts is extremely toxic to the body. It isn’t about forcing positive thoughts into your mind, it is about acknowledging when the negative thoughts arise and let them float away like clouds in the sky. If you have a lot of negative thoughts (a lot of clouds) then just remember, behind those clouds is a bright and happy blue sky. The clouds don’t stay there forever, let them float by and there is always a blue sky. Introspection is so important for personal development because you need to understand how you are feeling and why that might be. Only then, can you get to the core of the problem and allow self-growth. Mediation is a good way to allow for some personal time, where you can sit and observe your thoughts. Focus on being in the moment, your breath and watch as the negative thoughts come into view and then disappear.

9. Live in the moment

Every moment you spend thinking about the future is the time you have lost living in the present. Don’t miss what is happening in front of you because you spend too long worrying about future events. I believe spending some of your energy thinking POSITIVITY about the future is a healthy thing to do, but when it is a negative thinking process it adds very little value. Developing awareness of the present moment will allow you to vibrate at a positive energy state and avoid your mind wandering to pass or future fears.

Learn to live in the moment more

10. Mediate

I believe mediation is a powerful tool that westerners had forgotten about. However, its popularity is growing and as a result, so are peoples positive mindsets. I meditate a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day, every morning. I make it part of my morning routine. It’s a good start to the day as it is a calming technique. It is a very healthy and positive habit you should try and install into your daily routine. Start small and work up to longer minutes. Mediation is not for everyone. Some people understand its usefulness straight away whilst others fail to see its benefits. However, like most great things, you need to allow time and consistency for it to work. Be patient and implement at least 5 minutes into your morning routine. A good app I use is ‘Headspace’. It’s great for beginners and they have a lot of different types of exercises that really allow you to slow down and focus in on yourself.

So, these are my top 10 tips I implement into my life that allow me to vibrate at a higher energy level, thus causing me to smile a LOT more. Give this a like and share with others if you think it will help even just a little bit.

Thank you for reading and keep on smiling 🙂


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