4 steps to help you stop avoiding things you need to do!

Some people get to a stage in their lives where the tasks just pile up on top of each other. The pile gets so high, that it begins to put stress on your mind and body. Eventually, the pile tumbles and falls, leading to the stress growing into something rather dark. Let this not be you! Start now, and implement these 4 steps into your life and stick to them! They will help you avoid those difficult situations or those mundane tasks that just pile up mentally in your mind. It’s important to keep your mind clear, so you have room to grow as a person. So, let’s get stuck into it!

  1. Don’t assume the worst

As humans, our minds can be cruel to us. They seek out the negatives and make them a big deal, where in fact we needed not worry at all! Our minds do this to protect us, but the reality is, they aren’t really being helpful at all. So, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We all have these daily battles with our minds in trying to convince them that we don’t need to worry, but not all of us succeed in that. For example, if you have to have a difficult conversation with someone, don’t assume they will be angry. You really can’t know for certain how they are going to react. They may be a little upset, but okay with the decision, or they might be thinking the same thing as you! Never, ever assume the worst outcome. Tell your mind, that the situation could be a positive outcome. Just think of all that time you wasted worrying about something you didn’t even need to.

There is a certain amount of worry that serves us but the majority is actually detrimental to our health and time-wasting. So, don’t forget this. Never assume the outcome. You simply don’t know. Just go with the flow and never assume the worst.

Never assume the worst!

2. Break big projects into small steps

This is one of the best ways of getting stuff done! When the task seems impossible, it is probably because the small tasks have piled upon each other. Now, the task is as big as a mountain! A mountain requires a lot of hard work and resilience to climb to the very top. Why get to a point where your tasks are viewed like this? It is silly and easily fixed. Break the task down into small, bitesize jobs that don’t seem so terrifying. Break this big task into chunks that you can do across a few days. This is also an excellent way to tackle those enormous tasks because you are able to give each small task more attention. If the small task gets more attention, the quality of the job you do will be incredible. Therefore, not only will you get the task done within a certain time frame, but the quality of the job will be much better. Give it a go and see what happens.

Do manageable chunks of work at a time.

3. Find evidence

So, you have a big presentation to give in a week or so. You are frightened of what will happen. You believe everyone will laugh at you, not take you seriously, leave before you finish or even throw stuff at you! How do you know this will happen? Has it happened before? Does everyone think you are an idiot? How do you know, have they told you that? The answer to all these is no! Where is the evidence to show that what you think will happen, will? Another example is, cleaning the dishes. You may think about how incredibly boring it is, you might break a dish or believe that you will be there all night cleaning! Again, do these things happen EVERY time you do the dishes? The answer is no! Put a podcast on, listen to some music and before you know it the dishes are done and you will happy you did it!

find evidence.png
Find evidence!

4. Do it now

Mel Robbins. Genius. You would have thought, something so simple wouldn’t work. But it does! It really does! Have you heard of the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule? Incredible! If you have a task to do or a goal to achieve, you must move in the first 5 seconds otherwise your brain will kill it. For example, you need to get up early. How do you avoid not doing it? The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule. Literally, as soon as your alarm goes off, count in your head 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and just get up. Don’t even think about having to do it, because as soon as you do, you have allowed doubt to move through the crevices of your mind. It has already begun to infect your mind with doubt and negatively. Don’t allow it! Apply this rule and be disciplined with yourself.

Apply the 4, 3, 2, 1 method and see results!

Have a go implementing these steps into your life and the results will shock you! Good luck and be brave 🙂

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