4 simple rules to start achieving your goals

How many goals have you set but have never actually achieved them? Lost count? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. Many people tend to set goals that are extremely aspirational without understanding the hard work and discipline that is needed to actually achieve them. However, I am here to tell you that achieving your goals is possible! Below I have listed 4 simple rules that have helped me and many other people achieve their goals in life.

1. Law of attraction

Law of attraction is an amazing thing. It just shows how powerful our minds can really be. How powerful YOUR mind can be. So what is it? All you need to do is believe you are what you aspire to be. The experts call them affirmations. It is recommended that every morning and evening you spend at least 10-15 minutes going over your affirmations. So for example, if your goal was to be a successful lawyer, during your visualisations you would imagine yourself as a successful lawyer. Perhaps in your office or in a meeting smiling with your colleagues. Maybe you see yourself in your expensive car or in your beautiful home. Visualising what you want is the ideal here along with your affirmations. So you would say to yourself or write in your journal, I am a successful lawyer. I am rich. I have an amazing home. I have the kindest friends. I have lots of money. The idea is that every morning and evening you tell yourself that you are these things and let me tell you, the universe will not fail to deliver! If you believe to be these things, you will start to do the things that a rich and successful lawyer would do. Therefore, continuing down this path you will find yourself where you have always wanted to be. The power of the mind! Use your mind to get what you want!

Attract what you want in your life.

2. Have clear goals

It important that your goals are specific. Make sure your goals are clear and you know exactly what you must do consistently to achieve them. So, you now know that you must implement the law of attraction with all your goals. It is important to know what the baby steps are needed in order to achieve them. So, maybe your goal is: be able to run a marathon next year. This is a very clear goal with a time frame. Time frames are also important aspects of your goal so you can manage your time effectively from the moment you set it till the date you achieve it. Then don’t forget, that once you achieve your goal it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s it. Your next goal would be an improvement goal. By setting these, you start to evolve into a better version of yourself. Therefore, make sure the path towards your goal is clear and you know exactly what it is you need to do in order to get there.

Know how to aim and then you will score.

3. Reminders

This rule is super important! People are easily side-tracked and forget they even set a goal in the first place! You need consistent reminders daily or hourly to remind yourself to not lose hope and to remain on track! I would recommend having inspirational quotes relevant to your goals around your home. Maybe have posted notes on your fridge door, on your mirrors or even inside your cupboard doors!

Another great way to remind yourself is through the use of pictures. Place pictures of what you will have if you achieve your goal. So let’s say you want to have a beach body. Maybe put photos of your ideal body image everywhere (especially near the chocolate cupboard. Is that just me who has that?). This will act as a massive motivational kick and definitely keep you on the right track.

Have reminders everywhere!

4. Make it easy to achieve

This is a great rule to abide by when wanting to achieve your goals. Let’s say you want to lose weight and get fit. Well, make it easy for yourself. So many people do this wrong because they make it super hard for them to achieve it. For example, every evening just before bed lay out your running gear on your desk, so when you wake up you don’t need to rummage through your draws to find what to wear. This way your clothes are already there waiting for you to jump into. Stay away from those foods that make you start from square one again. Just don’t buy them! When you go food shopping, make a shopping list! Only buy what you need. Take cash with you, so that you can’t buy any extras. There are so many tricks and tips you could do to make achieving your goals easier! Another example: don’t join a gym that is really far from you, especially if you don’t have a car. You have instantly made the task much harder and are likely to fail. Maybe instead, buy some weights, get a yoga mat and any other cheap equipment that will benefit your body and that you can use from home.

Keep going and stick to these rules!

These 4 simple rules should act as a foundation in helping you achieve your goals. Make sure you embed them into your daily routines and you are therefore immediately set up for success. Good luck in your journey and don’t forget to smile.

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