3 steps to help you grow as a person

It doesn’t matter how old you are or young you are, we all have personal development that we need to work on. It’s important to recognise that we always have room to grow and evolve into a better version of ourselves. Believe me, it isn’t easy but definitely 100% achievable. It just requires you to be motivated and to have discipline.

Over the years, I can say with confidence that I have grown into a better version of myself. It has taken years of discipline and commitment to myself in order to become the person I aspire to be. I think people make the mistake in their life of piling on too many things at once. This will absolutely lead to failure, no doubt. But failure doesn’t mean we should not pick up where we left off. So my advise is to take on board what you are learning but implement it into your lives with ease. Remember, don’t rush into things, nothing good came from rushing. Just like a beautiful plant, it takes a very long time for the seed to grow into a beautiful rose. Please carry this message with you, as you read through this article, as it is important not to overload your brain. I have come up with 3 vitally important aspects of life you absolutely should begin to implement into your daily routines.

Allow time for habits to be established in your life. Nothing good comes from rushing things.
  1. Self-reflection

A good way to self-reflect is to journal. At the beginning and end of the day, you should allow yourself a minimum of 10-15 minutes to reflect on you! Everyone can allow this amount of time in their day for their personal development. This exercise is in no way to criticise or judge yourself, it is simply a way of learning who you truly are. You should always write down how you feel. If you feel frustrated and angry then reflect on why that is. Write it all out and read back on it. Once you have these feelings out on paper for you to see, take a few breaths and consider how the scenario of the day could have panned out differently. Think about how YOU, not others, could have reacted differently. Did you really need to be angry, or does it seem silly now? Could the problem have been solved with a discussion, where you allow yourself to listen and consider what the other person is saying?

This self-reflection will allow you to be more self-aware of your emotions, your cycles, your habits and your complete mindset. You will begin to question the core of your cyclic habits, and, whether they are actually benefiting you and helping you in taking steps closer to a more enlightened version of yourself.

I would also consider mediating (remember, taking things slowly is important. Take all these ideas on board and execute with ease). Some people find it very hard but oh my goodness the results are astonishing! I use the app ‘headspace’. It has meditation practices for everything! It teaches you the basics, there are meditation practices for the early mornings, dealing with distractions, productivity, sleeping, taking a break, letting go of effort and so many more! I would recommend spending, to begin with, 10 minutes in the morning meditating. That’s it! Remember, ease things into your life slowly and watch how they grow and impact your life. Mediation is so peaceful and allows you to become self-aware of your breathing and your body. Again, becoming self-aware and self-reflecting on yourself will make you grow into such a beautiful person, full of wisdom and joy.

Add some self-reflection into your life. Start a journal. 

2. Read inspirational books

Reading inspirational texts is of a massive benefit to your self-development. Remember, you are learning how to grow as an individual, to better yourself. Therefore, it makes sense to learn these habits and mindsets of those people that have already achieved a more enlightened self. I would recommend reading the book, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. It is one of my most favourite inspirational and aspiring books to read. Throughout the story, the underlying message is to follow your dreams and destiny. No matter how difficult times may get, its a reminder to say NO to your weakness and continue on the path towards your destiny. It really is an amazing book that I highly recommend you read. It will change your mindset to have a more positive outlook and to believe in yourself and your dreams. To grow into a better person is to also recognise that achieving your goals is possible. You need to have confidence and faith in your ability. We are all learning and we all certainly make mistakes, don’t let that trip you up. Keep going and keep growing! I would also recommend, ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman as well as, ‘Make Your Bed’ by William H. McRaven. So if you are struggling to think of authors to read, those might be a good stepping stone.

By reading and learning how these people develop such positive mindsets, you too can begin to implement their methods into your daily routines so you can become a better version of yourself.

Read books that inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

3. Simplify your life

Stuff! To much stuff clutters the mind. It really does. Do you really need every single item in your home? I bet there are some things that you haven’t even used in years! If it has been a year since you last used or wore something, chuck it! You don’t need it, simplify your life and declutter your mind by getting rid of the useless chunk that is adding no value to your life. Minimise your surroundings, allow room for your mind to think.

It isn’t just stuff that you should reduce, it’s the tasks or relationships in your life that are adding no value. If you have a relationship with someone, where you don’t gain any happiness, then I’m afraid to say, it’s time to let go. Let go of all the things in your life that clutter the mind. By doing so, you free some space in your mind and physical environment. A clear and tidy place gives clarity to the mind and this is what you need in order to grow! You need simplicity. This will truly allow you to flourish as an individual and become a better version of you!

Simplify your life and do the things that add value to it.

There are so many more things you could do which will aid you in your self-development. However, the common theme through this article is taking everything with ease. Don’t rush into every single method available in order to grow, because you will fail. We need to take one to three things at a time. By breaking it down into small, manageable chunks, you are more likely to succeed. Then this success and positively will grow, allowing you to add more and more strategies into your daily lives. Give this a thumbs up if you found it useful. All the best on your journey, remember to move the mind and body with ease.

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