5 ways to get inspired to write

Hello there! Sometimes we hit a brick wall when it comes to creative writing. Believe me, I know! However, there are a few tricks up my sleeve I like to use on those days when my creativity is on the low. Give this post a like if you took away at least one helpful thing. Enjoy 🙂


…even if it is raining! Being stuck indoors really deflates my creativity bubble. Going out is really going to help get those creative juices flowing. When you are out and about you see new people, smell an array of different things (good or bad), hear a wide range of different noises and engage in conversation. Just seeing a particular person may help set up a new character in mind. That is what exactly happened to me the other day. I was sitting in a coffee shop and there was this sweet old man just buried in his book. Immediately my creativity bubble started to grow and at that moment I started to describe him. I ended up forming a whole short story based on this man, which you can read here:


GO OUT. Get inspiration and ideas by taking a walk or grabbing a coffee. Image by Pixabay.


Not only is this important to learn new words but it also gives a foundation of what good writing looks like. It is a good idea to see how the plot moves and changes throughout. This may help you in organising your piece of writing. You should also read books within your niche. So, I love to write stories that have an underlying message throughout – this may be based on a quote I like. If you are into fantasy, then definitely research into lots of authors who write in that genre. Reading books within your niche will get those creative juices (let’s see how many times I say that phrase) flowing, which is exactly what you need!

Read, read and read! Image by Pixabay.


Yup! If you are using a computer or pen and pad, it doesn’t matter just write. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense or you don’t have a plot. Just write! For example, if you went out for a walk and saw a dog. This dog caught your eye for a reason. Observe this dog and just write everything about it. The sounds it makes, its colour, breed, the way it moves and its relationship with its owner. Once the words start flowing, it’s hard to close the gate – which is what you need! Maybe go to a public place and describe everything about it: the smells, the size, the people, the sounds and the colour. Get those adjectives going like crazy!


Like I mentioned earlier, I love to base my stories around quotes that inspire me. Maybe you could do something similar. You may want to base your stories around people who inspire you, places that inspire you and maybe even yourself! I have a little book that my boyfriend brought round the other day called, “One year wiser, by Mike Medaglia.” Wow. It is the most beautiful and inspiring book I have read in a while. On each page, there are stunning illustrations with its own inspirational quote. These quotes make me think about the way I live my life and inspire me to write a fictional story encompassing the key message that I want myself and my readers to take away. You may want to look up some inspirational quotes yourself to help get those creative juices going :p You can follow my Pinterest to get some ideas: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/jessieswriting/



It’s a good idea to share your plot with someone if you are looking for constructive feedback. Remember, everyone is different and they may like your plot but they may also have some doubts. It is good to listen to their feedback and adjust your storyline slightly if you feel it would make it better. Maybe ask for help online. There are lots of forums online you can use to seek advice from people. In all, I believe hearing yourself talk about the plot and taking onboard constructive feedback is only going to make the storyline even more creative and outstanding.

Talk about your storyline with a good friend or colleague. Image from Pixabay.

Good luck with your stories! I would love to hear them, so get in touch! Don’t forget to give this a like and a follow 😀

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