An act of kindness

Dennis was sitting on a black cushiony chair in front of a huge, plain glass window beside the front entrance to the coffee shop. His belly protruded from his torso; his hair was short and white like snow. He was bald on top and had a small white beard that went from ear to ear. His jumper was dark grey with three, navy blue horizontal lines that sat just below his shoulders and stretched across the jumper where his chest was.

Dennis was slouched back in the chair with his Ipad rested on the very top of his round belly. He bobbed his head up and down to the tune of the 1920’s music coming from the near-by speaker that was fixed on the white wall. He shuffled in his chair and pulled himself slightly forwards bringing the Ipad with him.

The smells of coffee infused and lingered throughout the whole room. You could hear the sounds of a coffee machine screeching as the barista wobbled a metal rod into the milk. The room had dim lighting throughout, creating a moody vintage feel. The natural light reached through the huge glass windows, creating a shadow on the floor of where Dennis sat. As people entered and left, the door would squeak at the hinges when it was pulled open, which was then followed by a thump when it closed. You could just make out the sounds of women’s heels tapping the floor as they walked by, which was interwoven with the sound of the jazzy music playing.

It was a late Monday morning and the coffee shop was almost empty. A few people sat quietly on their own, sipping on their drinks and tucking into their delicious cakes or pastries. Some people stared blankly into the open space, whilst others were occupied reading their books or typing away on their laptops. Others were deep in conversation, whether that be in person or on the phone whilst occasionally picking up their mugs to take a drink of their beverage. Although the room was relatively empty, there was still evidently life erupting all around Dennis. In all, people seemed pleasantly calm.

chilling with coffee.jpg
Image from Pixabay.

Dennis was still buried in his book. When all of a sudden he jumped at the sound and feel of his phone vibrating in his pocket. He placed his Ipad on the coffee table and leaned to his right, so he could reach his hand into his jean pocket to retrieve his phone. He took it out but it stopped. He slammed his hand on his forehead and stuffed the phone back into his pocket. He then stood up and hastily rammed his Ipad into his cream coloured shoulder bag, that was sat on the hard floor. He flung the bag onto his shoulder and spun around as if he was on a mission. At the same time, a young lady and her baby who was in a pram walked through the entrance door. Dennis accidentally slammed his whole body into the pram. He tumbled over it, causing the mother and the pram to slide at least a metre across the floor.

The mother tumbled to the floor and the baby began to scream at the top of his lungs. In the same moment, Dennis also fell back landing on his bottom. The women pushed herself up and immediately turned the pram around to check the baby. She undid the buckle that was keeping the baby securely in place and reached her hands towards the baby’s waist, pulling him out and pressing him gently against her warm body. She stood up and moved her upper body from side to side, soothing the little baby, which caused his crying to quieten.

Dennis was on his bottom on the floor looking up at the mother and baby is a complete shock. He stood up and placed his hands in a clasp position and instantly began to apologise to the mother. She initially looked annoyed but her facial expression softened as she could see the man was genuinely upset about what had happened. She accepted his apology and placed the baby back into the pram, then made her way to the till to order her drink.

The mother found a comfy seat by a huge painting of a man harvesting coffee grains and sat down. The mother was checking her baby boy over and over again to make sure he had settled. Sure enough, he was fine and had fallen into a peaceful sleep. The mother was looking into the open space whilst taking a few sips from her mug when she noticed the same man from earlier walking into the coffee shop. He stopped at the entrance and looked around in search of someone or something. His gaze came to a halt when his eyes caught sight of the mother. He smiled when he saw her and began to walk in her direction.

The mother shuffled in her seat uncomfortably and placed her mug onto the table.

“Hello dear. As I left the shop, I couldn’t help but feel terrible about what had happened. I know this won’t make up for my clumsy behaviour, but I have bought some toys for your little one”

“Oh my goodness that is so nice of you! You really didn’t have to do that but thank you so much! He is going to love these when he wakes up.”

Dennis smiled and handed over a bag of toys to the mother. He apologised once more and went on his way. The mother was glowing with joy as she peered into the bag of goodies. She placed the bag of toys onto the chair next to her and smiled happily to herself. She was upset and slightly annoyed earlier but her mood shifted into a sunny, pleasant feeling that oozed out from her persona.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – AESOP

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