I had a eureka moment. Don’t you just love those? Yesterday, I was in a crazy creative mood. The words and sentences were bubbling throughout my body, I just had to get them written down. Being creative makes me very happy. When I had finished writing those three blogs that I posted yesterday, I thought to myself, “Wow this feels great!” I hadn’t hoped for much response. Which was fine by me, as I was learning something from my writing anyway. However, I did get likes and it made me think, this process of writing creatively feels a void within me. Maybe it can offer people the same fulfillment by reading them, and, understanding the underlying messages I am trying to convey.

These stories I have been writing always have an underlying message hidden within the cluster of adjectives, nouns, and verbs. When re-reading my stories it makes me sit back, blink and think, “ah, that’s a nice message.” In life, I think we all need some guidance. Our own hearts can sometimes do that very thing, but for others, like me, we need people to remind us of these messages.

Through my stories, I hope to learn some important messages that will help me understand myself better and life around me. I too, hope you find meaning within these stories and that they make you think in a more positive light.

I didn’t know why I had started this blog, but now I do. Join me on this journey for discovering those raw and organic messages in life, to reach a place of serenity. Let’s build a community and keep talking to one another. It’s important to talk. It is important to write. It’s important to be yourself.

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