The buzzing of the World

I am surrounded and there is no escaping except for one way. Everywhere I look, I see technology buzzing around me. I can hear the electricity pulsing through the wires above and below me. I walk quicker up my road in hope to shelter myself from the chaotic sounds and vibrations flooding the streets. My feet begin to pick up speed and my legs begin to bend. I find myself gripping hold of my backpack straps tightly within the palms of my sweaty hands. I begin to breath more rapidly as I take on more speed. My hair flows over my face as the wind, that is now picking up, pushes it back against the surface of my rough skin. I release my grip from my backpack strap to pull the pieces of hair from my face and quickly tuck them behind my ear. My heart races as my legs fight the hill and my fear of my surroundings crushing me grows.

Suddenly, I hear a bang and some yelling from behind me. I turn my head in a quick motion to try and identify where the source of the noise had come from; to my horror, I could feel myself tumbling towards the ground. My foot got caught on something beneath me and my hands loosened their grip and went flying in front of my body. My once tucked hair behind my ear was now whipping across my face. The distance between my head and the ground began to shorten. In a matter of seconds, my hands pushed against the stony ground, scraping the already rough skin from my hands. My face whacked the ground followed by my chest then legs.

I gasped for air and began to choke. I pushed myself upwards onto my knees and stared at my bloody hands. I squinted in pain and let out a pathetic cry. Painfully, I placed one bloody hand upon my knee and stood up. Only a few doors away from my house, I continued the painful journey back. I finally reached my door and placed my right hand into my pocket to grab my keys. Once the door had opened and slammed shut behind me, I breathed outwards and leaned my head backwards staring at the brown ceiling.

I walked over to my living room and slung myself onto the sofa. I closed my eyes and tears streamed my face. Then suddenly all I could feel was sheer pain pulsing throughout my palms. I looked down at my hands and whimpered to myself. I got up from the sofa and limped towards the bathroom where I placed my hands under a stream of warm water running from the taps. I cursed out loud with pain. My hands were shaking and tears flooded my eyes, before trickling over the edges of my eyelashes, flowing down my cheeks and settling onto my chest.

After drying my hands I moved back towards the sofa and laid my head on the soft blue cushion. I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to take me places away from the noisy, busy and technology-powered world.

In these dreams, I see and feel hope. I poke my head out from the car window as we drive around the bends of the mountain. The warm breeze on my face is soothing. The sun’s rays penetrate through the thin layer of the clouds and cast its delicate touch upon the Earth. We arrive at our location. All around us we see green. Green trees, bushes, and grass. Within the green, a multitude of colour burst between the seams. Flowers of many species cover the ground and bring such joy to everything that lives there. The sounds of nature flood my ears. The birds sing gracefully and the river trickles seamlessly. I walk through the beautiful picturesque surroundings and smile at the pleasantness. I begin to hear a buzzing sound in the distance. It grows louder and louder each moment. The buzzing shifts into a rattling, metal-like sound in which its intensity begins to develop into a rather uncomfortable noise. My smile dissipates and I cover my ears with my now sweaty hands.

“What is that noise? Make it stop!” I shout at the person next to me.

My heart races and my breathing too. I dropped to floor panicking thinking why won’t this sound stop. Then suddenly, I find myself sat upright on the sofa with my blue cushion pushed onto the floor. My breathing is still rapid and sweat beads pour off my face. The rattling, metal-like sound does not ease but grows ever louder. This is the sound of the near-by train I live next too. It feels as know my whole house and body shakes every time it moves past.

I roll my eyes at the noisy train and fall back down on the sofa. I pick up the blue cushion and nest it under my head. That dream is the only place I escape from this noisy world. I huffed and thought to myself, I need to make that my reality. I need what nature offers and I need the songs of the birds to heal my darkness. We are human after all and evolved within natures magnificent surroundings. I need to return and believe nature will welcome me back with open arms.

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