Living in the moment

I breathed in deeply and noticed the fresh, salty air flow through my body as a sat down on a bench by the beach. As I closed my eyes I began to weep. I could feel the sun’s warmth against my skin and I began to weep some more. As my eyes opened, I noticed that the seaside was almost empty with only a few people and their carefree dogs roaming the beach. How wonderful to be a dog or a cat I thought. All you would need to worry about is how long will my owners be until they are home.

Watching this one particular dog running full speed down the beach I began to smile. I wiped off my tears from my cheeks and tucked my hair behind my ear. I continued to look forward at the blissful sun and the dogs running freely. A slight breeze whipped up some sand that began to dance around me. I covered my face with my arm and squeezed my eyes shut. When the mini-sandstorm had passed, I lowered my arm and continued to stare at the golden sun and dogs running around freely.

The ocean was also free. Free to move in and out. As the tide moved inwards it engulfed the beach and the dogs immediately run in the opposite direction at full speed. Apart from one. This dog was short and had the most magnificent body of hair. Its fur was a chocolate brown that coiled into small ringlets that bounced up and down every time the dog moved. This dog was different. As the tide came bounding into the shore the dog stood still. Its feet were firmly rooted to the ground and his face pointed upwards. The dog’s eyes appeared closed, but it was too far to really see if that was true. As the tide came rushing in, the water completely submerged the dog and carried him out. The dog was shocked and suddenly began to panic. It moved its legs uncontrollably as it scrambled to shore.

The owner threw her hands up in the air and yelled, “Oh Jasper what on earth are you doing?”

The dog began to speed up as he raced towards his owner. She stepped back slightly and began to shake her hands from side to side.

“No, wait, Jasper, STOP!”

Jasper did not stop. In fact, he ran faster and faster and bounced towards the owner. The sheer force of the dog caused the owner to tumble backward. Luckily, she had a very soft landing. The sand must have provided some support to the abrupt fall. Jasper, however full of joy and life began to happily lick his owners face repeatedly. At this point, the owner had given up and just laid there laughing. Finally, she sat up and began to stroke the curly, brown locks of Jasper’s fur; then ruffled his head and kissed his nose.

I sat there staring at the chaos of what just happened and laughed to myself. How wonderful to live in moments like this and not worry about the upcoming events. Can you even imagine how much happier everyone would be if we could just live in the moment more? For a moment, I did and I am sure the owner did too. But that moment has passed now and my mind begins to wander. It begins to move into the dark creases of my mind where negatively and hopelessness are concentrated. I blink, hoping that it would remove me from the darkness but unfortunately not. The wind blew again bringing with it the grains of sand. They whispered to me as my smile was disappearing. They danced around my head but this time I did not cover my face. I allowed the tough surfaces of the sand to meet my skin. It was rough and painful but took my thoughts away from those deep creases in my mind. The smile began to return and the sand continued to dance around me.

In the far distance, I heard the sounds of dogs barking and the sounds of owners laughing. The wind began to ease and I opened my eyes. Sand laid in the creases of my coat. I simply brushed them away a few times using my hand. The sand landed on the ground softly. The wind picked up and carried the grains far away from me. Then a few pieces in my mind began to fit together. I shouldn’t feed the negative thoughts in my brain as they will only grow. It is those positive moments in my life I should feed and attend to, as they are the thoughts I would like to grow.

I stood up from the bench and watched as the dogs and owners got further and further away from me. I brushed my coat down a little more and tighten my scarf as the breeze brought a chill with it. I tucked my hands into my pockets and squeezed hold of my keys. Just like that, I began to walk away from that beach having learned a lesson about life.

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