The rain trickled on the windows as Sarah stared blankly out. She thought about the clouds, the wind, the rain and the birds that flew across the sky. The clouds moved steadily and created brief images of faces or inanimate objects. They soon returned into grey, fluffy, moody clouds shifting across the sky. When you were young, you would imagine bouncing from cloud to cloud as they were giant, squishy marshmallows that you could sit on and eat. Now, they appear dark and moody structures of water vapour mindlessly floating in the sky.

As a child, the wind would create excitement. In the playground, the wind would whisk up the leaves into a mini tornado and all the children would go wild. The wind would majestically howl and twirl around you like a magical being. Now, as an adult, the wind would ruin Sarah’s hairstyle and break all her umbrellas. It makes ridiculous noises that keep her awake at night.

Sarah moved towards the curtains to pull them together. She rolled her eyes at the typical English weather and began to bring the curtains to a close, when all of a sudden the rain begins to pound onto the concrete ground, moving like streams into the nearby drains. She paused for a moment and began to think about what she thought of the rain when she was a child.

Rain as a child was wonderful because she got to jump into the muddy puddles and get herself completely soaked with not a care in the world. The bigger the puddle was, the better the splash. However, now Sarah saw it as a complete inconvenience. The rain made her make-up smudge, it ruined any form of hairstyle and it soaked her through to the bones. She always bought those cheap umbrellas that would turn inside out at any slight wind. The rain somehow finds its way past the umbrella onto her clothes. Yes, Sarah sees rain as a nuisance these days, very different from the young Sarah all those years ago.

Lastly, Sarah as a child absolutely loved birds. She knew everything there was to know about them. She could identify the species as a child and loved to explain any detail about them she could. Now, she is quite the opposite. She lives literally at the seaside, where the seagulls accumulate. Her mornings are noisy with these seagulls screeching at the top of their lungs. The amount of times she has been shat on is unbelievable. Sarah likes to think of herself as a bird magnet. They hunt her down and shit on her head and laugh as they fly away.

Sarah thought to herself, “When did I get so miserable? I was such a joyful child. What on earth happened to me?”

She gave the rain one last look and decided at that moment to change the way she thought of the weather. Instead of moaning about the typical English weather she thought about how much joy it brings. When we have this cold, windy, wet weather it makes you appreciate the hot summers. It makes you appreciate those sweet icecreams you bought from the ice cream van down the road. It makes you appreciate the coolness of the sea as you dive into it. At that moment, Sarah smiled and said to herself, “I bloody love this weather!” and closed the curtains.


    1. Yes, same! I try my best to think positively about the weather regardless, but sometimes find myself moaning. It’s really important for us to try and be more conscious about how we feel/ what we say about the weather. It’s something we can’t control, so we might as well embrace it whatever 🙂

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